Ordering Info, New Email and Blog Addresses

Earthbag House Plans

There are now two options for ordering my house plans:
Option 1: Dream Green Homes
This site only shows the most popular plans. You can email me or Kelly Hart at Dream Green Homes for a quote on the other plans not shown.

Option 2: You can also order plans through long-time friend Zafra Miriam. This method requires no shopping carts (you deal direct with a human versus a digital form). Zafra did the graphic design and page layouts for two of my ebooks, and helps sell them through direct downloads, so I’m confident in her abilities and reliability.
Payment options for house plans include PayPal, money order, and electronic transfer.
Email me if you have questions about the price, etc. naturalhousesAT gmail dotcom
For payment only, please write to Zafra at zaframiriam (at) gmail.com and she will get back to you promptly. Regardless of the payment method you choose…

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About comeback2earth

I graduate from Penn State University with a BA in Humanities focusing on journalism. This is my favorite quotes from my favorite media professor, "A picture is worth a thousand words, but a good word is worth more than a thousand pictures." -Professor Kareithi. As a young undergrad. confused and lost in the world of academics as to what my goals in life were, and who I wanted to become I was given a guiding light by a very inspirational professor who also happened to be a former journalist back home-in Kenya. Professor K. Inspired me and opened up my minds eye to the power of the written word, and the power of giving people a voice. My blog has become my voice. I believe everyone has a story and everyone can be given a voice.✌️
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